Daily Prompt: Foreign

via Daily Prompt: Foreign

It seems so foreign to me; this current state of hate that we, the collective, are stuck in. Is it the blank face of the Internet? Is it the Bozo in Chief who has given permission to just, quite frankly, be an a-hole? I mean, c’mon, lots of people have thought lots of things forever, but now, “all of a sudden” it is actually acceptable to say it. That’s just twisted. People making rude jokes then hiding behind “get a sense of humor again” instead of just admitting that they are an insensitive jerk who has embraced the collapse of sanctity. It’s always so easy to blame it on someone else. Whatever it is. Point the finger all day long but God forbid you ever look in the mirror. It’s like a plague. Let’s call it The Asshole Plague. All of a sudden, it’s everywhere. THEY are everywhere. Personally I feel like it’s the last stand of the white man. They know it, we know it. So out comes the fear and the hatred and the false threats and the misinformation that isn’t even information at all. Just another ruse to tighten the grip on power. Because once the power is gone, it is all over for your trip. Your power trip. Lights out guy. Because Time’s Up.

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