Back to the 80s. Hey, Ho, Let’s Go!

via Daily Prompt: Varnish

I’ve been thinking a lot about life in America these days, as it seems to become more arduous by the day. What with the ridiculousness in DC, the absence of empathy that has morphed into a celebration of nastiness online, and the general grey overhang of worry that is in the air, I find myself daydreaming back to the 80s. In the moment, I didn’t really like the 80s, especially the early years, as I was mired in my teenage angst. However, given what I now know, I long for the 80s like nobody’s business. Something I thought I would never do. Oh, to be back in 1984 again! Listening to Duran Duran and driving around aimlessly with my friends in my Mom’s red Chevy Malibu Classic. Inexplicably the windows only went down half way (remember that phase?!) but who cares! I was young and I was free, even if I didn’t feel free at the time. I’m not sure if I have a case of rose tinted sentimentality but it just seemed different then. Better. More possible. More allowable. More cordial. Less mean. I have the feeling that the varnish of civility is wearing thin, eroding every day and soon it will be dull, inconsequential and forgotten.



8 thoughts on “Back to the 80s. Hey, Ho, Let’s Go!

  1. I wasn’t alive in the 80’s (born in 90, gasp) but I often think about this too. Even if the 90’s weren’t *as great* as the 80’s, I find myself missing the time when a) I didn’t feel scared about the direction of our country and b) I could still watch good cartoons on Cartoon Network. Whether I miss just being a child or the decade itself, I don’t know, but I’m definitely more cognizant of where I am now, and it’s uncomfortable.

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    1. Yes. For me, the 90s were even better than the 80s!! I hear you though. Hard to determine if the safety of childhood plays a role bigger than we know. However, uncomfortable is a good way to describe it. I always say that 9/11 changed everything forever. It’s as if it opened a deep dark chasm into the human underbelly and unleashed the worst of humanity. Sorry to be so dark. I’m actually having a pretty decent day today. LOL Thanks for reading!

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  2. I love Duran Duran and all 80’s music! I grew up on Top of The Pops and MTUSA! As for society and life today I think we have to focus on the positives. We can create our own little corners of happiness, share a kind word on our blogs, volunteer or smile at a stranger on the street!

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    1. Yes, I agree. Creating our own pockets of positivity is key. I am actually a positive person, despite the tone of my blog the other day. Hahahahaa I loved all those British New Wave and New Romantic bands!! Thanks for reading.

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