The ATL Effect

via Daily Prompt: Knit

Wow, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve written. I’ve tried. I’ve logged in, I’ve logged out. I’ve started. I’ve stopped. I have a lot of drafts. lol Close-knit comes to mind with today’s prompt. Which immediately makes me think of my friends in Atlanta. Oh, the Atlanta Tribe. So magical. And I know it was for real. Not just some sentimental figment of my imagination. It happened. It was REAL. Now many years have passed and some of us have scattered about, some of us have stayed in the magical land of Atlanta. A lot has changed. Population. Traffic. More buildings, less trees. But the nascent days of my blossoming stand steady in my mind. The warmth. The flowers. The spectacular Springs. The wacky people I met along the way. It is a truly esoteric essence, being Southern. As a Yankee, I found it delightful. The dripping Magnolias melting away my Northeast edge. Every day in Atlanta felt like a vacation. Bursting out of the house, my face raised toward the sun, exclaiming “Oh, Atlanta!” Those memories will never fade, even when I do. They will be in there and for that I am grateful.



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