Unleash the Power of Your Mind

via Daily Prompt: Rhyme

Ah yes, rhyme. One of my stickler words that I can never spell. That and its cousin rhythym. See, I couldn’t even spell it right then. It’s rhythm. I had to look it up. I always have to look it up. I find it kind of amazing that I can’t get a handle on that word. I seem to get a handle on most other things going on but for some reason, rhythm is not one of them. I remember in the sixth grade we had monthly spelling bees. I took great pride in my spelling prowess so by the time February rolled around and I still hadn’t won I was practically offended. At who or what I’m not sure as no one could spell these words for me. In any event, I marched downstairs and announced to my Dad that I was going to win the spelling bee that day. So in to school I went, ready. And…I won! Really only because all of us remaining kids spelled “license” wrong. I had a second chance and I pulled it off. It was the first time I realized the art of mindfully visualizing what you want. You put that image in your head, you focus your energies on it, you literally put your mind to it and there is a very good chance you will make it happen. It has served me well over the years. And I’ve been able to properly spell license ever since.


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