Get On With It

via Daily Prompt: Survive

It’s like these Daily Prompt people follow me around to see what’s happening in my life then assign a most apropos word for the prompt. I was literally just sitting here thinking about what I do to survive. When I get overwhelmed I get all caught up in well, catching up. I don’t like things hanging over my head and the only thing that seems to assuage the fear is to just get shit done. It instantly makes me feel better, to be back in control. I think that’s what it all comes down to for me. Control. Having control. Being in control. Although I’m not controlling. I really don’t care what you’re doing (I mean that in the nicest way possible.) I’m just concerned with what I’m doing. And as I was sitting here, convincing myself not to worry, that once I get rolling things will get done, things will happen, I will re-gain control and all will be right with the world again, this word pops up as something to write about. And alas, this is how I survive. Just put my head down and get to work. It’s how I’ve always been and I’m assuming how I’ll always be. So why do I worry? I’m not really sure, although I worry less and less these days. Maybe it’s my age. Maybe it’s the uncertainty in the world. Maybe I shouldn’t speculate and just go with it. Maybe I should stop typing and get on with it. I have a ton of stuff to accomplish today after all!


5 thoughts on “Get On With It

  1. I tell my kids that they need to spend less time worrying about everything they have to do and spend more time using that energy to do it! 😜


    1. Oh, it’s so true. I am getting better at it but the worry bug still nags at me..sorry for my delayed response. I’ve been fighting off a sinus infection and New England has not been cooperating weather wise this year. Worst. Spring. EVER!! (like, yesterday was 49 and I’m not even exaggerating!!!)


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