At the End of the “Day”

via Daily Prompt: None

None of it matters in the end. In the end, you are one breath away from moving on into the next realm and all the worry and the stress just doesn’t matter any more. I thought that as I held my Aunt’s hand as she was dying. She was 90. Ninety years! And everything she had done and experienced and seen was over in just one breath. I had never experienced that before and I’m not sure I want to again. Some days it plays in my head over and over and over again. Some days I handle wave after wave of grief. It sneaks up on me, catches me by surprise and I marvel at the fact that she is gone. As we move through life, we should focus on the good. The positive. And by we I mean me. Everyone is on their own trip here on Planet Earth. I’d like mine to be filled with calm sunny days, literally of course but also metaphorically. And when the days grind together and I can’t seem to sustain that, I think about my Aunty. Ninety years then over in just one breath.

2 thoughts on “At the End of the “Day”

  1. I experienced similar feelings with my grandmother’s passing. Although, I felt more in awe of witnessing the full life cycle. Still, it always amazes me when I’m shocked at what I’ve always known or learned was “natural”: childbirth, children leaving the nest, illness, death. So natural, but nevertheless, so painful. I’m sorry for the loss of your Auntie.


    1. Yes. It’s like we know all of this happens yet we can’t stop the feelings that accompany them. Or even work to make them feel…less… Thanks for always reading my stuff!!!!


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