Keep Your Eyes Open

via Daily Prompt: Timely

If you really think about it, everything is timely. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, when you look closely you realize that is really is. When it feels like the door closed, it’s really another one opening. When you think you’ve hit the end of the line, another opportunity magically appears, blowing through the fog of your confusion and presenting itself to you. But only if you’re looking of course. If you’re not, it will sneak right by and you have to wait for the next one, like the bus or the train. Once you get on, you are off in your new direction. It might not be the same direction as the first one, but in a new direction you will go. Unless you keep getting on the same bus or train over and over and over again. Then the doors keep closing and the line keeps ending and you are left to wonder what it is you have to do to change your situation. The answer is; you just change it.


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