Taurean Tenacious Light

via Daily Prompt: Tenacious

As my May birthday approaches, I’ve been reading up on Taurus. Well, not really reading up per se, just following someone who posts about Taurean tendencies on Twitter. I’ve always been very into my sign, which I’m sure is such a Taurus thing to do. It’s just that Taurus fits me like a glove, there’s no denying it. A true blue Taurus, that’s how I describe myself to people. It has served me well and will continue to do so, especially as I embark on my new reality of self-employment. My stubborn, consistent, focused pursuit of what I want WILL get me there. I call it tenacious light. Taurean Tenacious Light.


2 thoughts on “Taurean Tenacious Light

  1. Isnt it amazing how many traits of our starsign are true? I am a stubborn, fun loving, loyal, impulsive Aries 😃😃😃🐻


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