Do What It Takes To Heal

via Daily Prompt: Heal

We all know it’s so important to heal. Getting there can be painful, dreadful, just full. But we must do it anyway. However, whatever, wherever it is that gets us there, it must be done. Because even when we try to conceal the reason to heal, it remains. It must be exposed, unearthed, revealed. Once that hurdle is well, hurdled, the process begins and gets easier, even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time. I once made what I considered to be a very bad mistake with my heart as well as someone else’s and that shit consumed me for what felt like an eternity. I think it was about a year but it felt like ten. It aged me, it ravaged me and getting out of bed everyday was only the first challenge I faced. Finally, one day, it felt a little less. And a little less after that. And on and on. And now it’s been 14 years since I even felt that grind of trying to forgive and while I still most definitely remember the distinct feeling of despair, it is in the ever distancing past. We do what it takes to heal.


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