Stand Up and Be Counted

via Daily Prompt: Denial

Oh boy, denial. It is probably the most comfortable place to be in for a lot of people. Not me. I like to face things head on. Why pretend something isn’t when it is? Why ignore something that is not going to go away? I would rather square off directly and swiftly and just get it over with. Kind of like how I would prefer you tell me you have a problem with me right to my face instead of playing the passive aggressive game. I mean, who has time for that? Let’s get it out in the open and move on. Just Move on dot org. I heard that last night and it cracked me up. I haven’t been keeping up with them but I am sure they are quite busy these days, what with the Daily Assault on freedom and basic human rights being raged by the train wreck in The White House. Talk about denial. I wonder  what all of the people who voted for him are thinking right about now? I do understand where they are coming from. Things have gotten so bad in this country. Politicians are drunk with power and they think they no longer need to work for the American people. And they really don’t. Americans haven’t shown up to be present in the political process for a long, long time. But, suddenly that has all changed. People are showing up now, yes they are. And all of these arrogant, tone deaf politicos are getting a taste of what it’s like to be held accountable. Now, to that end, this election will serve us well. People are finally waking up and the tables will turn in our favor, the power finally going back to the people. One hopes. Or am I just in denial?


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