Why Is The Boss An Idiot?

via Daily Prompt: Cusp

On the cusp of… what exactly? Greatness? A new chapter? Autonomy at the very least. After I lost my job, I decided right then and there that if I could help it I was never working for The Man again. Why put your heart and soul into something that, at the end of the day, doesn’t directly benefit you? For as long as I am working and probably breathing I will never understand the mystery of how all of the incompetent, arrogant buffoons are the ones to rise to the top. It’s been like that at every stop. Jackasses galore. These people couldn’t organize their way out of a paper effing bag but somehow there they are, The Boss. Maybe that’s why most of them never appreciate the dedicated worker bees. They have no concept of what it takes to pull off competency day in and day out. Actually I had one boss who was aware. He used to say, “I started this company because I wouldn’t last here for a week. I would surely be fired so my only option was to be the boss.” He turned out to be an asshole too. So, here I am, in month two of being my own boss, working hard for my own end, managing my own work situation and loving every minute of it. Fire me once and I go back to the well. Fire me twice and independence is ON.


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