Hang on to the Memories

via Daily Prompt: Jiggle

Jiggle the Handle brings to mind a New England based jam band. It is literally the first thought I had! I think maybe they were a Grateful Dead cover band when they started out but who can say because I’ve never actually seen them. I have however, seen the Grateful Dead many, many times. Curiously enough, I can remember something from almost every show I’ve ever seen. There was the time a bunch of kids stole a still burning hibachi right in front of us and put it in the trunk of their car before they zoomed away. That was in Philly. In Foxborough MA, our friend Deb burned her feet so badly running down the road that we had to take her to the medics straight away when we got to the stadium. I stayed up all night with my friend Stacy on the night we met in Eugene, OR. We talked and laughed and formed an instant, life long bond. In Atlanta, I almost got kicked out at halftime for misbehaving…heh heh. Santana rocked the house in Vegas in the comfy confines of Sam Boyd Stadium while a whirling dervish windstorm happened on the other side. Get the picture? So many years ago. So many people, places, drives, adventures. And somehow, I still remember. I’d like to think I always will. The Grateful Dead!


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