Life as a Steady Eddy

via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic

The rhythmic quality of life quite often is what gets me through the day. I’ve never been a lyrics person. Ironic, I know, seeing as I’m a writer. But it’s always been the beat that has turned me on. The perfect mix of drum and bass, keeping the steadiness afloat. Upon reflection, it’s not a huge leap as to why. The steady beat. The steady drum beat. Of staying on course. Always showing up. Being the rock. The One Everyone Relies On. When you are that person, sometimes it’s hard to figure out who YOU’RE supposed to lean on. There are many conditions involved of course like personality, environment and the like but just once I would like that decision to become clear cut. As clear as the Atlantic Ocean horizon on a clear, cold New England day, as I sit in my car listening as the rhythm takes me away.

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