The Way I See It

via Daily Prompt: Expectation

A few years back, my roommate and I established a way to approach expectation, whatever that expectation may be. Now, this sounds entirely cynical but basically we decided to always go into something with low expectations, that way, a good majority of the time, you are satisfied with the results. Whether it be a job situation, an event or just a basic social interaction, when your expectations are low, the situation usually delivers and you walk away happy. I couple this Low Expectation Theory with keeping a pretty strong handle on perspective. It is so easy to get caught up in the negativity of “life’s not going my way” or “this sucks, what’s up with this”, that the next thing you know, you don’t realize how utterly blessed you are. As someone said to me last night at kickboxing, “Everybody’s got their story, we’re all just making our way through it.” So as I head out into the world today, I will keep that in mind and strive to stay present in my gratitude.


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