“Hey man, nice shot”

via Daily Prompt: Filter

Wow, it’s almost like whoever is thinking of these Daily Prompts is doing so just for me. FILTER. What an apropros word for me to write to today as I head in to interview for you know, the job I’ve already been doing for months. A nice strong filter will come in handy. I am by no means one of those people without one but I am Italian. And in these moments when I feel slighted, insulted, aggravated and just downright annoyed, sometimes I tend to speak my mind, how I can put it, a little too passionately. My cousin describes being hardcore Italian by calling it “passion to the extreme”. It is who I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This whole experience with work has opened some sort of door for me. The doorway between fear and courage as I have written about recently. I am leaving the room of fear and stepping through to go live with courage. I hope to translate it to every facet of my life moving forward. Why shouldn’t I say what’s on my mind? Why shouldn’t I tell the girl I like her, even though she has a girlfriend? Why shouldn’t I? Ah, but you see, I am not there…yet. I am still standing in the doorway, with THAT filter firmly in place.

3 thoughts on ““Hey man, nice shot”

  1. When I saw the prompt for today, I had to admit that Filter’s song was the first thing that popped to mind. Bearing that in mind, I thought your post would be about either the song itself or what inspired the song, and as for the latter, considering I just ate breakfast, I’m glad you went in another direction. LOL.

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