Why, yes I will!

via Daily Prompt: Invitation

Yes, I would love to take this invitation to proactively change my life. Sometimes when you continue to ignore the subtle hints the Universe is giving you, it resorts to hitting you over the head with it. Hence, “when bad/unexpected/unruly/uncomfortable shit” happens. That is the Universe saying “C’mon man!” I am trying to tell you something!!! Hence, I will take that invitation Universe. I have been mulling things over for quite some time, too much time. Now you have taken a hard stand and I get it. I really do. As I reach middle age, all of a sudden it is all closing in on me. Time is running out. It doesn’t feel that way day to day but oh, it’s happening. And now I am well aware, time really is of the essence. I have a sense of urgency to step out of my comfort zone. Finally. I mean, I blew a kiss at my kickboxing instructor after class yesterday. LOL What the hell was that??? A good sign, that’s what.

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