Picking Up the Slack

via Daily Prompt: Capable

Why is it that the capable people always take the hit for the incapable people? Have you ever noticed this? All of the responsible ones have to carry the load for the irresponsible jackasses of the world. And the worst thing about it? The slackers don’t even realize that this is happening. They roll through life spouting their “whatevers” and “who cares” all the while leaving a trail behind them of the wreckage of their laziness. Kind of like when you’re in the office and the doosh who never shows up gets a promotion over you, the one who does. Is it this weird psychological thing? Is it just the way of the world? The strong ones are here to carry the load. That’s what they do. The onus is on them to keep it all going and to keep it all together because that’s why they are here. They are the glue, the rock. And you only notice them when they are gone.


4 thoughts on “Picking Up the Slack

  1. I’ve seen this go both ways. Just like weeks someone was fired at work for being “incapable”, whether intentionally or not. Sometimes those that are capable and work hard are rewarded.


    1. Yes, most definitely. Always a good thing when the hard workers are rewarded. I used to be in the entertainment business (crew) where accountability was key and slackers wouldn’t last a day. Needless to say it is vastly different in the office job world where soooo many people slide by on the daily. Thanks for reading!


  2. Very good point, and so true. I think it’s because the diligent, hard-working people have, among other things, a good work ethic and higher standards. When you’re wired that way, it’s hard not to just jump in and do the work. And this is true outside of work as well. I have personally experienced many of these types, and actually find that they are masters at figuring out who they can dump on and waiting for them to pick up the slack. What’s the solution? One thing is to step back and catch the trigger or habit of jumping in for them. A little education, if you will.
    Malcolm Gladwell talks about this in his book “The Tipping Point” and cites to the 80/20 rule, or Law of the Few. In a nutshell, in any given situation, 80 percent of the work will be done by only 20 percent of the participants. You may just be on to something when asking whether it’s the way of the world. I don’t know, but it seems like it.


    1. I agree. I thought about working that angle into my post b/c obviously I am one of the non-slackers and I’m complaining about the slackers around me. lol I also thought about how some slackers do connive to dump their work on other people, which in theory, isn’t slackerish at all. In fact, it’s quite enterprising! Thanks for reading and your input!

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