Daily Prompt: Tempted

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via Daily Prompt: Tempted

A few weeks back I wrote about my office crush (c’mon, we all have them!) and how I’ve changed my ways (have I????) because *tempted* is an understatement. Here I sit, tempted, tempted, tempted. To get in her way. To get in THE way. To maneuver. To affect the situation, the emotions, the vibe and anything else I can think of that might sway her my way. It feels weird admitting all of this out in public, but maybe I’ll get some feedback on the matter? Temptation is a dicey, dicey proposition. One I rarely give in to. In this arena anyway. Everyone always says “You only live once. Go for it! ” But should I really? Shouldn’t I keep my toes on the line, albeit very close, and respect the situation? Is she tempted too? Because all of a sudden, it certainly feels that way. TEMPTED.


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Tempted

    1. Thank you. It’s funny, I am currently being pushed out of my comfort zone at work…and I don’t like it! lol Hmmm, maybe today’s daily prompt should have been FEAR. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


  1. I think it’s awesome and rare to feel that “buzz” with someone. I would only hold back if one or both parties were otherwise attached. If not, what’s holding you back? Decorum? Fear that it will create future awkward situations if it doesn’t work out? In my experience decisions based on fear are more regrettable than those made out of desire.


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