Daily Prompt: Crossing

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via Daily Prompt: Crossing

Crossing over into the new reality. That’s what “middle age” feels like to me. Obviously based on my previous posts, it is a rocky transition. I had a very good friend who was always my model for growing older but remaining rock and roll i.e. young at heart, vibrant, and refusing to give in to the trappings of old age, all while maintaining grace, poise and responsible citizenship of planet earth. She’s gone now so the road map that I was hoping to follow has ended at age 50. I have two more years to go and then I will have to figure it out on my own. Nothing that I haven’t done before of course, but sometimes it just gets tiring leading the charge. I’ve never considered myself a follower so its worked out well, but as I begin to “mellow with age” following doesn’t sound so bad anymore.

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