Daily Prompt: Pillage


via Daily Prompt: Pillage

When I think of pillage, I think of the government. Who doesn’t really? This big, massive, rolling wave of greed, incompetence and largess, just steamrolling all of us poor suckers who get out of bed every day, strap on our boots and get to work. I find it fascinating that so many politicians rail against affordable anything when they in turn receive so many perks of the job. From us. The poor suckers who go to work every day. And people wonder why Trump won. I don’t wonder at all. He is a slick New Yorker who fast talked his way into the White House by calling out the sloths like no other ever has. That’s what people wanted to hear. That someone, somewhere was just going to acknowledge that this is what is really happening. Moving forward, who knows what is going to happen with him in the White House. It all remains to be seen. The only thing that doesn’t remain to be seen is GREED.


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