Daily Prompt: Pillage


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When I think of pillage, I think of the government. Who doesn’t really? This big, massive, rolling wave of greed, incompetence and largess, just steamrolling all of us poor suckers who get out of bed every day, strap on our boots and get to work. I find it fascinating that so many politicians rail against affordable anything when they in turn receive so many perks of the job. From us. The poor suckers who go to work every day. And people wonder why Trump won. I don’t wonder at all. He is a slick New Yorker who fast talked his way into the White House by calling out the sloths like no other ever has. That’s what people wanted to hear. That someone, somewhere was just going to acknowledge that this is what is really happening. Moving forward, who knows what is going to happen with him in the White House. It all remains to be seen. The only thing that doesn’t remain to be seen is GREED.


Daily Prompt: Relax

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Relax? You want me to relax? Don’t you know I come from the hectic Northeast where life is a grind on a daily basis? I come from the Northeast where it’s crowded and cold and dark and windy and unforgiving. From the Northeast where you can never make a move, whether you’re driving, walking, jogging, shopping or anything else without someone being in your way and you being in theirs. From the Northeast where people think nothing of straight up ignoring you or flipping you off after they’ve run the red light.  Relax? I’m from the Northeast AND I’m Italian! There will be no relaxing here. When I lived in the South, my friends took to calling me the Angry Yankee and my response was always; “I’m not angry, that’s just the way I talk!” From the Northeast where passion reigns supreme. From the Northeast where family, Dunkin Donuts and the Red Sox always come first, and not necessarily in that order. From the Northeast where your friends come through for you always. From the Northeast where at the end of the day, everyone is a tough cookie who knows how to survive the brutal winter, and anything else that comes our way. From the Northeast where when the chips are down, we rise up for each other. Just don’t cut us off in traffic.


Daily Prompt: Maddening

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It’s maddening indeed when you feel trapped in the box of the 9-5 that just doesn’t jive with who you really are. Faith goes far as long as you don’t lose it. It’s maddening indeed when you don’t know what you need, so how can you even ask? It’s a task staying sane, staying grateful in this life, so strife with madness. It’s maddening, the sadness. Feel the creep as it all seeps in to where you don’t want it to be, it’s maddening indeed.

Daily Prompt: Conundrum

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Oh, such a conundrum!!! To stay still or keep moving forward. To make a move or stay the course. To interfere and play the imp or keep my distance. In my younger days, I would have been all over this. Playing, flirting, conniving, tempting and any other adjective you can think of. (Wait, those aren’t adjectives are they?…lol) But now that I am older and purportedly know better, I am exercising as much self control as I can possibly muster. Even though I am tempted to land in the same room, conjure up a meeting in the hallway, circulating in the circle so my energy is felt. I guess I should admit, if I were to be completely honest with myself and everyone else who is reading this, that I am actually doing some of those things in some of my weaker moments.  Yes it’s true. But most of the day I just sit at my desk, distracted by thoughts of my office crush.


Daily Prompt: Protest


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Protest seems to be the word of the day. As it should be. As it always should be. If we all go along with the status quo, how will things change? How will they get better? How will we get heard? The collective we. Certainly not the Royal We, they are the ones we are protesting. For they are the ones who hold the keys, to, well, just about everything these days. Some people think having a protest doesn’t do any good, but I respectfully disagree. We may not get the results we want, or the results may be temporary, but the moment the people at the top stop hearing from us, is the moment they know that they’ve won. And at the end of the day, it is our duty as humans, as humanity, as individuals, to stand up for who we are. ALWAYS.

Daily Prompt: Construct

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I am sitting here looking at a blank page as I try to construct this Daily Prompt. There have been lots of up and downs for this girl since September and I have found it hard to stay motivated. But–I went 7 years without writing and I feel rather desperate to not let that happen again. So I am pushing myself to just keep going. It’s been tough, these last few weeks. I’ve always had a lot of determination and sustain but something always happens to me when we push the clocks back. There is not a bigger bummer on earth than when you get out of work to darkness. You drive home in the dark, eat dinner in the dark, and do your evening activities in the dark. At some point, you wonder aloud “Surely it must be midnight by now” when in reality it’s only 7:30. The nights are looooooong. This is just one of many things we endure up here in the Northeast of the U.S.A. I find the whole thing exhausting really. Living here is just so much work. When I lived down South I felt like I was on vacation pretty much every day. However, to look on the bright side, as I often try to do, growing up here is what has made me tough enough to keep going through it all. And for that, I am grateful. Keep writing!