Daily Prompt: Mythical

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Mythical. I immediately go to candles and incense but then I realize that maybe I was thinking mystical? Either way, I like the sound of both words. Mythical reality sounds like an oxymoron but as it applies to our recent U.S. election, it is accurate and real. The hangover is still in full effect and now that I’ve started writing about it I’ve realized that I don’t want to write about it at all. So–back to mystical, I mean, mythical! I always loved the Greek myths. We were taught them in Catholic School which I always found rather weird, but, hey, I’m sure they had their reasons. The Catholic Church is quite mystical with all the allegory, the miracles and yes, the incense. That is my favorite part of the Mass, or it used to be seeing as I don’t go to church anymore, except for funerals it seems. I determined long ago that the Catholics just didn’t want me based on my lifestyle so I’ve stayed away. I was dragged to Church every Sunday for my entire childhood. I remember feeling gloriously free on my first Sunday at college, when I was finally able to make the choice on my own not to go. Instead, I probably hung out in my friend’s room where we listened to music and burned some incense…


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Mythical

  1. Agreed! I was a sheltered Catholic School girl in the suburbs who went away to art school in the city. I remember my mind being blown (in a very good way) on a daily basis those first few months! 🙂


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