Daily Prompt: Percolate

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via Daily Prompt: Percolate

When the feelings and emotions percolate inside you, it means they want a way to come out. The back is really better, yes, and I am doing everything I can to relieve my body of the built up stress that is residing there. I can’t figure out if life is just harder as an adult or it’s just that these times are harder. I don’t remember my parents being stressed and overwhelmed but who’s to say? Maybe they just hid it from me like good parents are supposed to do. I went to high school in the 80’s when my only worry was trying to fit in. Of course, that seemed like a pretty big worry at the time but pales in comparison to the New Millennium. I guess that’s why they call it hindsight? Fortunately for me I am a stubborn Taurus and I don’t give in that easily, if at all. My kickboxing instructor always brings up the virtue of mental toughness during the brutal 15 minute hyper-cardio workout at the beginning of class. I feel grateful that I’ve been blessed with it. If I had the chance to switch up today’s Daily Prompt word I think I would have picked Endure.


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