Daily Prompt: Tart

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via Daily Prompt: Tart

Tart is actually a good way to describe how I am feeling today. Not in a bitter way, not in a distasteful way, more like a sharp way. I threw my back out on Sunday. And while the pain is close to unbearable, I always take it (yes, it happens often enough) as a reminder that my body is telling me something. Reaching out to me to say, “hey, Cahla, you are not *noticing*.” I have buried a lot lately, especially with my Aunt passing away. I’ve never been that close to death before. I’ve never witnessed it up close and personal, in that moment of someone moving on to their next journey. I know it deeply affected me, how could it not? I am not dealing with it very well. I have tried to bury it by brushing the feeling and the images and that memory aside, all the while thinking about it all the time. But the thing is, my body doesn’t want to carry it around. Hence, the back. I do know this–I am aware and yet I seem to still do it a lot. The brushing away….I guess it’s a lesson that I need to continue to learn, until I get it right.


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