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“You can go with this or you can go with that.” Lyrics to a song I knew long ago that a friend put on a mix tape for me. Remember those? It used to be the ultimate communication tool for a friend, a crush, a lover. We would sit down among our cassettes, vinyl and CDs and mull over song after song, formulating our playlist. If I put on this song, will she get it or will he not? Too obvious, too subtle? I made a lot of mixes just for myself too. Some of those cassettes are still hidden away in my closet. From time to time I take them out and look at the songs that I had written on the case. And the title. Because you know, you always titled them! That was one of the most important pieces. One of my favorites was titled “My last week of college” and looking back at that playlist I still remember all of the songs and how I felt that week. It’s a nice piece of my personal history to tap into from time to time. A window into the past to make me smile in the present.


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