Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts


via Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

Well today is Election Day here in the U.S. I am already having second thoughts and I haven’t even voted yet. I’ve never been this anxious, exasperated, and reluctant to vote in my entire life. I’ve developed an ever-evolving strategy as to how to approach this conundrum of the highest order. As I am lucky enough to live in a staunchly “blue”(re: Democrat) state, I am fortunate to not feel the pressure of those in “swing” states, where the vote could go either way. My last minute change in strategy involves waiting until after work to vote, as opposed to the get-it-over-with strategy of voting this morning. This in and of itself is a problem. Voting in a safe environment is a privilege that many, many people the world over do not have. Here in the U.S. we need a big societal perspective change. We are stuck in this highly divisive, I’m right you’re wrong and if you’re wrong you’re a moron paradigm that is getting us no where fast. And that is exactly what they want. “They” being not us, basically. The power elite has become very adept at The Distraction. “Distract the people from the real issues so we can continue to walk all over American Democracy like it just doesn’t matter.” And that’s what they have done. Divide and Conquer. The interesting thing about it is that all of a sudden, many Americans have woken up and all of a sudden people realize that they can have a say in the matter. What that say is remains to be seen and will be very telling as to where we are at as a people. Either way, tomorrow morning, half of the country is going to wake up unhappy and that is never a good thing.

Second Thoughts

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