Now and at the hour of our death. Amen.


My life changed forever today as I held Aunty Mary’s hand as she took her last breath. I said the Hail Mary over and over and caressed her hand with my thumb. I had been there all day yet the end came so quickly. And just like that, 90 years was over in one breath. It was intense and unsettling and given the nature of our close relationship, so pure and simple. I kept saying, “It’s just me and you Aunty”.  Just like it always was and just as it should have been in this moment. Just me and her. The hospice nurse was so kind and she hugged me while I cried. I somehow managed to sit down and she left the room as I wailed and wailed, a lifetime of emotions barreling out of me. Once I gained my composure I sat stunned and staring at the wall, all of my senses drained except one. I listened to the clock ticking, louder and louder, as it overtook the entire room. The sound of time marching on without us.

Rest in Peace Mary T. Ciota

August 27 1926 – October 27 2016

Ahead of her time and one of a kind!


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