Daily Prompt: Relish

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via Daily Prompt: Relish

I used to relish the opportunity to pack my bags, get on a plane and start the next work-play adventure. There is something about the entertainment business, specifically movie crews and rock n roll touring crews, of which I was a part, to attract a certain type of person. I can remember when I was a Production Assistant, I would be sent to the airport regularly to pick up a crew member. These were the days before 9/11 when you could walk right up to the gate. I would know immediately who my person was the minute I saw him or her amble off the plane, looking cool, calm and collected with a bit of artsy flair thrown in for good measure. I would usually bond with this person in the car ride from the airport to wherever we happened to be going, hotel, location, production office. We would learn enough about each other to make for a comfortable friendship for the entire shoot. I loved this part of the job. Meeting cool people from all over the place. Learn how they got started, where they had been, where they grew up, how much they were like me or not like me at all. Often times I would always drive them back to the airport. I’d get their bags out of the car, sometimes we would even hug goodbye. They’d grab their stuff and off they’d go, a crew member heading to their next destination. I would watch them walk away, pretty much knowing that I would probably never see them again.

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