Daily Prompt: Base


via Daily Prompt: Base

Feeling way off base today. It’s been two months of roller coastering through life. Lots of high maintenance stuff happening that is throwing me off my game. So much so that I am struggling just to write this. When I get derailed, my natural instinct of abject stubborness takes over. Defeat and I just don’t get along, never have. So, I fight and I fight and I fight. Then I fight some more, claiming little victories in between. To keep this from turning into a dirge, I will also say that there are lots of treats involved too, mostly always revolving around food. I am a 2nd generation Italian, my people have only been in the States for about 100 years. Growing up, things felt a lot closer to the homeland. My grandparents, my great aunts and uncles, straight up Italian in the purest sense. And that sense meant food. Lots of it. Always delicious, always comforting. They are all long gone now and I feel more American than Italian these days, which makes me sad. It doesn’t feel comfortable straying that far from the home base, but sometimes a cannoli from the local Italian bakery is enough to get me through the day.

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