Daily Prompt: Sincere

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via Daily Prompt: Sincere

It takes a lot of strength to be sincere. To really look inward and own it. Just f-ing own it already. Instead of getting lost in the shuffle of denying, projecting and finger pointing, just have the strength to stand there, hear the words and summon the courage to admit it. I never could do this in my early years. It is difficult for sure. But at some point, when you keep hearing the same feedback over and over, you must place some validity on it. You must. This is the only way you grow as a human. Slow down. Stop talking. And reflect. Find the strength to look inside, really look inside and be honest with yourself. There’s a reason people don’t like to “look in the mirror”. Because the mirror doesn’t lie.

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sincere

  1. As you rightly pointed out, the real difficulty with being sincere is not the excuses, the finger-pointing or the projections. It is the fear of looking inwards, the dread of seeing the mirror image of one’s absolute self-worth. This writing is expository. I enjoyed reading it.


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