Daily Prompt: Copycat

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via Daily Prompt: Copycat

Have you ever noticed how the copycat mentality seems to be in full effect lately? I always grumble how there is not an original thought left in America. But I know deep down that I am not looking hard enough. There is just so much stuff to wade through, whether it’s music, movies, books, events, sometimes I just don’t have the energy, the time (the desire?) to do the deep dive into the sinking abyss of mainstream media. A few weeks back I wrote about my career in the underground music scene. I do a lot of thinking about it because I can’t figure out if it’s because I’m older that I have strayed away, or just circumstance. Did I get bored with that scene or did it get bored with me? If I am to be honest with myself, Atlanta (where I thrived in the underground for many years) kicked me out. Things were going great, then the bottom fell out, starting with The Theft, then it all pretty much unraveled from there. So, I came fleeing home into the safety of my heritage. There’s definitely more to this story, but I think I’ll just leave it at that.


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