Eerie Salem Mass Awaits!


via Daily Prompt: Eerie

Halloween is here! YAY! It really is one of my favorite times of year. First of all, I love all things pumpkin. And I mean LOVE. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin lattes, beer, pancakes…I could go on. Secondly, I grew up in New England, where the air smells like crisp, colorful leaves at Halloween. Third, and most importantly, I am from the town next to Salem. Yes, THE Salem. “Salem Mass: The Witch City” Believe me when I tell you, this town has a certain energy like no other. There is just something about it. The aura is so present and so edgy it’s palpable. And yes, the TRUE history of the Salem Witch Trials is quite unsavory indeed. All of those innocent souls were unjustly taken away. Now they are unable to rest and continue to lurk in the nooks of this old sea town. Does that contribute to the pull I feel when I’m there? Feeling restless and exhilarated, I get an irresistible urge for a wild, wild night. In fact, of all the places we could go, my friends and I always choose to romp through Salem. We always did and we always will. Where else could you pass by The House of the Seven Gables? Where else could you creep through ancient cemeteries after dark and look at headstones dating back to the 1630s? What other town could possibly have a neighborhood called Witchcraft Heights?

Oh, I love it so! Walking the streets, digging the scene, feeling the eerie sensation from peculiar looking locals as they pass you by on Derby Street. Of course, over the years, Salem has embraced its witchy heritage full on. It is no longer just one or two days of Halloween, when we would search out our own fun, along with the rest of the freaks. Now it is Halloween month, with the sponsors and the events and the tourists. I don’t mind though. Everyone should experience Salem. It is a bona fide gem of American history, complete with drama, tragedy and intrigue. And it may be more crowded and “mainstream” now, but the vibe is still there. You just have to slow down long enough to feel it. After all, the spirits still lurking there definitely feel you.

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