Daily Prompt: Bridge

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via Daily Prompt: Bridge

“Build a bridge and get over it”–one of the most entertaining and accurate sayings I’ve ever heard. I have no idea who uttered it first but I sure am glad I heard it! Getting stuck on something and holding on to it is a difficult habit to break. I call it a habit because like anything else, if you do it enough, it just becomes automatic, knee-jerk, and immediate in your reaction. In other words, a habit. Just habitual. To the point where you do it and sometimes you don’t realize that you do it, and, more importantly, that you have other choices. You don’t have to engage in this behavior. You can behave in a new way. A different and better way. It is hard to do, breaking old habits. Breaking new ones too. But it is possible, it just takes a little work. Anything worth doing does. But then the next thing you know, you are off in a more positive direction, heading over a different bridge.

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