Daily Prompt: Volunteer

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via Daily Prompt: Volunteer

When you meet me on the street, I am not one to volunteer much information. But when I get behind the wheel of a keyboard, out it comes. The thoughts, the feelings, the musings. Whatever is turning around in this mind of mine that I can never seem to turn off comes rolling on out. Long ago I got pegged as being “aloof”. I never really saw it that way but perspective is everything and seeing as it came from more than one person it gave me pause. It had to. For how are we to learn and grow and evolve if we don’t pay attention to those on the outside, looking in? We can look out from within but we only see the same thing day after day. The world. From our view. Getting the opposite angle sometimes gives you the ah-ha moments when you finally figure out what the hell is going on. I still don’t say much in public but the words are flying out and after a seven year absence, a welcome release from the noise in my head.

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