Daily Prompt: Candle


via Daily Prompt: Candle

Damn I miss those days of staying up late, listening to music, in the dark with nothing but a candle burning. As I’ve moved further and further away from that, from that life, it is a memory that will never leave me. Sitting in my living room turned bedroom in a trashy little apartment at the bottom of Beacon Hill in Boston with my two cool roommates and whoever else happened by, because what else do you have to do in college but hang out and hang out then hang out some more. I think actually THAT’S what I miss the most. Having that circle of people who are on your plane, who truly understand, members of your tribe. Having the time and the space in your head to really get into it. Get down to the intellect and share your thoughts without being muddled by careers and bills and the weight that life has left on you by the time you reach the middle. Youngsters, light a candle, look into the flame and dream. Then go live it.


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