Daily Prompt: Promises

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via Daily Prompt: Promises

“You made me, promises, promises”. This Naked Eyes lyric immediately comes to mind. It’s circa 1983, I’m an awkward teenager (is there any other kind?) and high school is not going well. Grammar school was cake compared to this and I think I was just in shock at the difference. I felt stuck in a vacuum of shyness, apprehension and just plain getting lost in the shuffle. Now that I know what I know about myself, it all makes so much more sense. I went to my reunion recently and people told me how they remembered me. To say I was shocked is the understatement of the decade!! I was so dumbfounded that the only reply I could muster was “Are you sure you’re talking about me? Are you SURE? This confident, outspoken, own-who-you-are girl named Carla of whom you speak?” I have absolutely no recollection of being that and certainly not feeling that. I’m happy I learned it even all these years later. Perception is everything. Yours. Theirs. Everyone’s.


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