The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion


Yes, it’s true; I’m a road dog. I absolutely LOVE being on the road. I guess it all began when I started following The Grateful Dead around when I was in college. And I quickly caught the bug. Soon it turned into tour managing for indie bands, tooling around the country in cars, vans, pulling trailers, driving all night to make flights four cities away. And I gotta tell ya, there’s just something about it. Have you ever been in Boise on a random Tuesday? Or how about witnessing a small town Halloween celebration at its finest in Lawrence KS? The movement and the randomness spell freedom. Free to explore new places, new people, and new identities for yourself. Self-expression is a must and if you feel like breaking out but are too shy to put it out there at home, well then, the road is the perfect place for you! And before Vegas co-opted the phrase, I do believe it went “What happens on the road, stays on the road.” Sounds provocative, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is. The level to which you take it is entirely up to you. How you act, the stories you tell, the person you are (or pretend to be) and the people you engage are all your choice. You could do nothing. You could do it all. You could tell your friends at home or…you couldn’t. It is the ultimate freedom. And once I experienced THAT there was no turning back. Being stationary only seems to work for me for so long. Then I get the itch, the urge to mix it up on the move. And off I go.

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