Daily Prompt: Border


via Daily Prompt: Border

I’m on the border of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. I seem to waver weekly, sometimes daily. Looking back, I find that I’ve always been like this. Always working, searching, pining for more instead of simply living in the moment. Has my dissatisfaction worked to my advantage? Absolutely. Striving for more isn’t a bad thing, until it turns into a grind. Then it’s definitely not a positive. In those moments I need to Stop, Look Around and See. Open up my eyes and see the good around me. The little things, a smile at a stranger, holding the door open, going out of my way for a friend. I need to feel my sense of accomplishment, of well being, of satisfaction of contributing to the Greater Good. Those things seem small on paper but they are larger than they appear. There is so much negativity swirling around us these days. Sometimes it seems inescapable, but that is an illusion. It is very possible. Very possible indeed. This border is easy to traverse, easier than you think. Think Global, Act Local.


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