Daily Prompt: Realize


via Daily Prompt: Realize

“I didn’t realize…” fill in the x, y, z. “Well, if you didn’t REALIZE”, I always want to say, “then why are you doing it and saying it”? I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m a snob. An intellectual snob, an I-hate-the-suburbs snob, a manners snob, a follow through snob…hmmm, this list is longer than I realized. There’s that word again. Realize. My frustration lies in this sleepwalking society we all seem to be living in. The fog of technology has enveloped us and now we, the collective we, are half-asleep, spending our days shuffling through life looking at our smart phones. Just. Not. Noticing. I still notice. A lot. Maybe that is part of my problem. The spinning top of my penchant for observation gets wound too tight and I spend my days, not asleep, but riled by my razor sharp aggravation of a world that just isn’t the way I want it to be. Yes, I do realize this but I do it anyway. Maybe I should flip my own advice and follow it.


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