Eerie Salem Mass Awaits!


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Halloween is here! YAY! It really is one of my favorite times of year. First of all, I love all things pumpkin. And I mean LOVE. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin lattes, beer, pancakes…I could go on. Secondly, I grew up in New England, where the air smells like crisp, colorful leaves at Halloween. Third, and most importantly, I am from the town next to Salem. Yes, THE Salem. “Salem Mass: The Witch City” Believe me when I tell you, this town has a certain energy like no other. There is just something about it. The aura is so present and so edgy it’s palpable. And yes, the TRUE history of the Salem Witch Trials is quite unsavory indeed. All of those innocent souls were unjustly taken away. Now they are unable to rest and continue to lurk in the nooks of this old sea town. Does that contribute to the pull I feel when I’m there? Feeling restless and exhilarated, I get an irresistible urge for a wild, wild night. In fact, of all the places we could go, my friends and I always choose to romp through Salem. We always did and we always will. Where else could you pass by The House of the Seven Gables? Where else could you creep through ancient cemeteries after dark and look at headstones dating back to the 1630s? What other town could possibly have a neighborhood called Witchcraft Heights?

Oh, I love it so! Walking the streets, digging the scene, feeling the eerie sensation from peculiar looking locals as they pass you by on Derby Street. Of course, over the years, Salem has embraced its witchy heritage full on. It is no longer just one or two days of Halloween, when we would search out our own fun, along with the rest of the freaks. Now it is Halloween month, with the sponsors and the events and the tourists. I don’t mind though. Everyone should experience Salem. It is a bona fide gem of American history, complete with drama, tragedy and intrigue. And it may be more crowded and “mainstream” now, but the vibe is still there. You just have to slow down long enough to feel it. After all, the spirits still lurking there definitely feel you.

Daily Prompt: Bridge

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“Build a bridge and get over it”–one of the most entertaining and accurate sayings I’ve ever heard. I have no idea who uttered it first but I sure am glad I heard it! Getting stuck on something and holding on to it is a difficult habit to break. I call it a habit because like anything else, if you do it enough, it just becomes automatic, knee-jerk, and immediate in your reaction. In other words, a habit. Just habitual. To the point where you do it and sometimes you don’t realize that you do it, and, more importantly, that you have other choices. You don’t have to engage in this behavior. You can behave in a new way. A different and better way. It is hard to do, breaking old habits. Breaking new ones too. But it is possible, it just takes a little work. Anything worth doing does. But then the next thing you know, you are off in a more positive direction, heading over a different bridge.

Daily Prompt: Banned

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Banned in Boston. I’m not even sure what it means, but it’s something you hear a lot up here in these parts. Or should I say these pahts. As yes, the Boston accent. In college we took a class to lose our “regionalism”. It was a communications school after all and people make assumptions when they hear you speak. We were told that it sounds ignorant. At the time, I wholeheartedly agreed and worked diligently to lose mine. It does seem a little weird, actively working to lose a part of yourself and your heritage. But then again, I left right after college and basically didn’t come back for 20 years so I guess I wasn’t that in to it in the first place. Now I’m back and I cherish my roots and where I come from. The winters, I could do without. I used to take it as such a compliment when people would say “You’re from Boston? You don’t sound like it!” Now I wear being from Beantown like a badge, it is my home after all. My southern friends found the accent charming. Others thought I was Canadian, which I find funny. We are only about 5 hours from the border, but in these current days, a world away. A whole world away.


Daily Prompt: Tiny

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It is only a tiny bit uncomfortable, this situation of mine. At least when I view it with the world in mind. Feeling pent up is no way to live. Something’s gotta give. It used to be my temper, now it’s my well-being, the end I’m not seeing. No light at the end of this never ending tunnel I want to pummel the frustration right out of me. This is no way to be if you ask me which you didn’t but I’m telling you anyway. I hate it when I stray. From the positive. It’s no way to live.


Daily Prompt: Volunteer

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When you meet me on the street, I am not one to volunteer much information. But when I get behind the wheel of a keyboard, out it comes. The thoughts, the feelings, the musings. Whatever is turning around in this mind of mine that I can never seem to turn off comes rolling on out. Long ago I got pegged as being “aloof”. I never really saw it that way but perspective is everything and seeing as it came from more than one person it gave me pause. It had to. For how are we to learn and grow and evolve if we don’t pay attention to those on the outside, looking in? We can look out from within but we only see the same thing day after day. The world. From our view. Getting the opposite angle sometimes gives you the ah-ha moments when you finally figure out what the hell is going on. I still don’t say much in public but the words are flying out and after a seven year absence, a welcome release from the noise in my head.

Leaving Savannah -June 2005


The strangest thing happened on the way back from the beach the other day. I witnessed the most shocking incident of road rage that I have ever seen. It all started out innocently enough with typical vehicle jockeying and flipping each other off. When we came to the red light, the Explorer in front of us stopped. A pickup truck with its occupants screaming obscenities rolled up next to it on the left. Then, in a flash of repulsiveness, a scary, mean looking woman jumped out of the truck, walked over to the Explorer, opened the door and started pounding on the driver! My friend opened her door to jump out of the car and I grabbed her. “Don’t get out of the car!” I heard myself screaming in a panic. My imagination had already pictured the scene rapidly escalating out of control. What if somebody has a gun in the glove box, you know? When the aggressor was done with her nastiness, she got back into the pickup, laughing. Laughing. And she was having quite the good time crowing about her “accomplishment”. I was horrified and stunned. My soothing day at the ocean was now infiltrated by the harsh reality of violence. My friend got out of the car to check on the driver. I stayed safely ensconced with my hand on my phone, poised for 911.

The whole scene was so upsetting. It shattered my serenity and ushered in a confusing mass of questions like: Wow, what makes someone think it’s okay to do something like that? Hmm, what kind of upbringing did this person suffer through to freely commit such a violent act on a stranger? What makes it okay to put your hands on another person? Is violence becoming so ingrained in our everyday groove that we don’t even notice? Do we now think we have permission to put our anger and violence on to other people?

And then I thought of the aggressor. I wondered really truly where she had been to arrive at such a place. As I am currently meeting my own demons head on, I am becoming more aware of the slippery slope of acting out. As far as I can tell the anger and frustration born out of life’s previous troubles bursts out of you and onto someone else—an uninvolved, unsuspecting someone else who doesn’t even deserve it. They may not even have known you then, if they even know you at all. Thus, anger and violence is passed on, only to be absorbed and passed on again, person to person, like the flu. And soon, already I think, it gets buried in each and every one of us. And there it is. And there she was, jumping out of that truck. She landed eight punches on a total stranger, with an audience I might add, and then danced back to her ride like she had just won the lottery. I felt sorry for her. She was obviously on a painful, misguided path. She beat on someone and then laughed about it. That is the energy she must have received and so that is the energy she is putting out. Therefore, that energy shall return to her. It is a slow, sad circle, twirling and twirling about, destined to repeat until we make it stop.

Daily Prompt: Ancient


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I often wonder what it was like living in ancient times. When tradition, decorum and cultural values carried on year after year, never wavering. I wonder if that led to more stability in society, with everyone knowing what was expected of them. In today’s world, things are constantly changing, morphing, the gray area ever expanding. I feel bad for people who aren’t that malleable, it must be difficult to navigate the constant change. In ancient times, things stayed the same. Or at least I’m assuming they did. Then I wonder about the people in those ancient times who didn’t want to stay the same. Those were the ones who felt burdened by the lack of movement. Imagine wanting to shout out “but this is the real me!” and just not being able to. Stuck in that time and place, born into who you were whether you wanted to be that person or not. Burning up everyday to break out and just not having that option. I would have been one of those ones. Aching to be free.

Sidenote: I would like to acknowledge how blessed I am to live in the U.S. where I am free to be who I am and offer compassion to those around the world who cannot. Still.


Daily Prompt: Underground


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There is something to be said about the underground. That place where not everyone goes. I am most familiar with the underground music scene. Underneath, there is room to percolate, explore, create and most importantly, do it your own way. You don’t have to follow “the rules”, whatever those rules may be. You make the rules, you own your power, you do-it-yourself. I often wonder if the DIY scene still exists with such fervor. I am sure it does, it is just not on my level anymore. Or I’m not on its level. Somehow I suddenly find myself above ground, not pushed up, pulled up, by time, age, life, adulthood, “reality”. It happened so slowly that I kind of didn’t notice, otherwise I would have stopped it in its tracks, about faced and headed back down.


Daily Prompt: Waiting

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I’ve never been good at waiting. Patience may be a virtue but it’s not my strong suit. It doesn’t really even matter how it applies. Waiting for someone. Waiting to see results. Waiting for things to change. Waiting in line to buy something when it is taking so very loooooong! This last one is the most difficult for me. Mainly because I have to keep it together in front of other people. When you are alone, it is so much easier to freak out. You can let the frustration boil over and feel that release. In public, you must keep everything in check so it doesn’t spill over onto the unwitting cashier who is just doing their job. I have a hard time watching an innocent bystander who has nothing to do with any of it take that blow. Probably because I know that in my younger days I was guilty of that. And then somewhere along the way, I grew up, I gained mindfulness, I gained the strength to hold my stuff on my own. We’re all in this together. It might not seem that way these days especially here in the U.S. but at the end of the day we are all just trying to get by in the day to day, taking care of the people we love and live a good life. Hmmm, I will let these words echo through my head the next time it is taking too long to buy that gum.


Daily Prompt: Urgent

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Yes. I feel urgent. To live. To love. To rage. (In a good way, like the 1990’s way of living, loving, dancing, eating, singing, playing or whatever turns you on.) Especially these days. So fraught with the negative vibes of a world gone bad. The Internet closes in on us (and by us I mean ME) with seemingly only bad news. We all know the good is out there. It’s in here too. Sometimes it gets lost, over run by the seemingly more powerful darkness, but we know it’s not. That is just darkness’ trick. Fooling us into thinking that all is lost, there is no light, just give in. But the beauty of it all is that the sun rises every day, even if we can’t see it through the clouds, it’s there, shining.