Daily Prompt: Test


via Daily Prompt: Test

“Everyday is a test.” Those are the words my Father hugged in to me the day I lost my best friend Stacy. I was mourning alone. She lived on the West Coast, me on the East. My friends here had never met her for I was recently back and our relationship was built on coast hopping and meeting in the middle. Twenty years had gone by and we had never lived in the same city, but we were TIGHT, so strong was our connection. And now she was gone after a two year fight and there I was, trying to withstand the biggest test to date. It’s been 5 1/2 years since that day. I know this exactly because she left me 5 days after my beautiful nephew arrived. There I stood, smack in the middle of the mysteries of life and death, joyful and sorrowful. One life begins, one life ends. My nephew has an exuberant quality about him, much like her and I take that as a sign that we are all connected, somehow, someway. I will never get over her devastating loss, I will only learn to cope. I never realized how much she filled up my life until I felt the hole she left behind. Filling that up is a test I don’t think I will pass. RIP Stacy, I miss you. Every. Single. Day.


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