Daily Prompt: Disagree


via Daily Prompt: Disagree

Let’s agree to disagree shall we? I find that such an apropos saying in these days and times, in the topsy-turvy of the U.S.A. If only we could all adhere to it. I am not sure how it got this way, this divisiveness. This, “you are my complete and total enemy if you do not share my views” paradigm that we, as a nation, as a society are mired in. Completely. I see no way out in the near future and that, friends, is one depressing view. I like to blame it on the media, social, especially, but at some point it has to come down to us. The masses. (Doesn’t it always.) We can blame everyone else, but at the end of the day, it is us, The Collective, that are consuming, flaming, trolling, complaining, soap-boxing, perpetuating the ugly platform that we all claim to dislike. I finally gained some headway on this recently, staying mindful and keeping the fb posts to positive news and lovely community actions. It is working for me. I had a professor in college who would regularly go on media fasts then study how the lack of negativity affected his demeanor. And this was in the ’90’s when it wasn’t nearly as bad. If only we could have seen what was coming. Maybe we could have stopped it.


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