Daily Prompt: Jump


via Daily Prompt: Jump

“Leap and the net will appear”– I have that magnet on my fridge. I put it there as a reminder and try not to let it just fade into the background of everyday sights I see. It is important to keep it in mind. I just rollercoasted through six years of one thing after another and I got lost. So terribly lost. But I fought and thought and worked and persevered and here I am, finally back but moving forward at the same time. The mountain of life’s momentum did not take me down. It buried me yes, for a bit, but I never gave up and I suggest you do the same. Because one day we will all wake up and it will be close to being over and I hope not to say what everyone around me says; “It all went by so fast.” I want to say “Wooo, what a ride!” So, I shall jump.


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