Daily Prompt: Stylish


via Daily Prompt: Stylish

Stylish used to be so defined. I think about this in terms of decades and the “style” thereof. Before the Millennium, stylish and style was so defined. We can all identify the look of pretty much every decade from the Flappers in the 20’s to the Grunge look in the 90’s. Then the zeros turned over and….what? I would be hard pressed to differentiate a look in 2003 from a look in 2013, other than the omnipresent bent head hovering over the latest iPhone. Is that the new fashion? Tech as accessories? It sure feels that way. Not very stylish if you ask me. I think I’d prefer something more…organic. What am I saying? Would I pick leg warmers and skinny headbands over the bland, homogeneous, zoom zoom silver and blue of technology? Yikes. I didn’t wear that stuff back then, why would I start now? I think it’s more about the comfort of knowing where you are, where you were and the nostalgia of it all. I often wonder if “these kids today” are going to have any sense of wonderment of their youth. Any fond memories of “Remember when we all wore flannels and army shorts all the time?” Any sense of the years passing by with the changing styles and the drive to be stylish in that moment marking out their personal history. When I look at an old picture of me today, I usually can pinpoint the era it was taken simply by looking at my style. With the advent of digital everything, these kids won’t even have a shoe box of old photos to go through to reminisce. Instead, they’ll probably have a shoe box of broken cell phones that they can’t even access…not very stylish.


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