Daily Prompt: Hike


via Daily Prompt: Hike

“It’s a hike, but it will totally be worth it.” That’s what Stacy said the last time Angela thought with practiced skepticism. She set out anyway, because what else did she have to do today? Angela loved being in California; the views, the mindset, the vistas. Definitely different than the East Coast and a welcome break from the unrelenting rat race. The sunshine through the trees danced and dabbled and Angela let herself get lost in it’s embrace, musing along the way. This was a long time coming…this trip, an escape really. Life back East had ceased being easy or at least it was no longer the way Angela wanted it. The conflict was real. Torn between hanging on to her cherished lifestyle and stepping in to help la familia. The Italian values of family first won out and Angela was still reluctant to accept her role as the backbone in the family dynamic. She was slowly discovering that acceptance was a lot easier and much less exhausting than resisting, but the struggle stayed real. Stacy pulled back a branch and motioned for Angela to step through. They emerged together into the clearing and Angela caught her breath. The sun beamed and the ocean gleamed. The California vibe was in full effect and Angela felt a release, at ease with herself, leaving the East Coast woes behind. She turned to Stacy and said “Yup, totally.”


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